How To Spot A Narcissist

Narcissism is a personality disorder characterized by a grandiose sense of self-importance, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy for others. As you may have noticed in your own life, there are some people who seem to thrive on putting others down. They may appear to be leaders, but underneath the surface they’re actually hurting those around them. In this blog post, we will explore how to spot a narcissist and what you can do about it. By understanding the dynamics of a narcissistic person, you can set yourself up for success in any situation.

Characteristics of Narcissists

Narcissists have a sense of entitlement and believe they are superior to others. They often feel entitled to special treatment, praise, and attention. They may believe they are unique and can only be understood by others in a very specific way. Narcissists are often self-absorbed, never satisfied with their own achievements, and tire easily of others’ company. They frequently project their feelings of grandiosity and power onto others in order to make them feel inferior.

Narcissists are usually very good at hiding their emotions and can be quite charming or seductive when they want to be. They can also be very convincing in their interactions with others. Narcissists usually have few if any close friends because they cannot tolerate anyone who is not completely subservient to them.

There is usually a lot of drama in the life of a narcissist because they cannot STAND ANYTHING that challenges their power or status quo. If you find yourself caught up in the midst of this drama, it is probably best to back away slowly while trying not to antagonize the narcissist further. David Marchant

How to Spot a Narcissist

Narcissists are often very charming and persuasive. They can be very good at convincing others to do what they want, and they can be very good at lying. They may also have a lot of self-confidence and be convinced that they’re always right.

Narcissists tend to be very critical of other people, especially those who are weaker than them. They may also have a lot of attitudes about life that are not based on reality.

How to Deal With a Narcissist

Narcissists have a very distorted view of themselves. They believe that they are superior to everyone else, and that they are entitled to everything they want. This makes them very difficult to deal with, as they will not take criticism well.

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, the best way to survive is to keep your emotions under control. Do not react emotionally to their insults or put-downs. Stick to facts and figures, and stay calm. Let them know that you are not interested in being their friend or supporter, and be firm about your boundaries.

Narcissists often use others for their own benefit. If you suspect that your partner is using you, speak up immediately. Be clear about your feelings, and be prepared to walk away if necessary. Narcissists will do anything to maintain their relationships, even if it means sacrificing your happiness.


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